Cosby Media Productions Scores Huge Partnership with Tate Publishing

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 5, 2014 – Cosby Media Productions is proud to announce its recent partnership with Tate Publishing to bring it’s print books to the marketplace.

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, is a Christian-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover and market unknown authors. As one of the largest publishers in America, Tate has partnerships with multiple bookstores and outlets, which will allow Cosby Media Productions to bring their print content to the masses.

“This is a huge component to Cosby Media Production’s strategy of supplying retail outlets across America with the kind of content that we are sure readers will come to love,” says Leon Cosby III, COO of CMP.

“To say we’re thrilled is an understatement. This easily positions us as a major player in the publishing marketplace and will assist our authors in gaining the visibility they need to positively impact the entertainment environment,” says Braxton A. Cosby, CEO of CMP.

CMP will still retain control of all digital rights for their titles.

Look for books from Cosby Media Productions/Tate Publishing later this year.