#Secret Sundays

by Monica Elam and T.M. Lane

#SecretSundays Cover (1)


How far should you go to keep your man? That’s the question everyone’s asking Sasha Jones; a woman who makes sure she always wears the stilettos in her relationship. Set in the heart of Atlanta, friends Sasha, Lena, Alex, Sophia, and Allison step outside their comfort zones to learn a few bedroom tricks on the road to getting all of their collective grooves back. But once Pandora’s Box is opened, things quickly spiral out of control when the girls’ addiction to these secret meetings begins to rock the worlds they’ve become accustomed to. When their most coveted secrets are exposed, they must band together to redirect the spotlight onto the real secret behind their Sundays together: accepting their power as women and digging deeper to find the love they deserve.


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