Author Daniel Peyton is revving up to release the second book of the acclaimed Legacy of Dragonwand Trilogy with LEGACY OF DRAGONWAND: BOOK II.  Our weary quartet of travelers find themselves in unfamiliar territory as they traverse the countryside in search of the legendary Dragonwand, while Hallond persists with his plans to rule the Kingdom. Evil lurks around every corner and even those creatures that seem the most unassuming present great danger to the group in an effort to stop them from accomplishing their goal of freeing Gallenor from imminent destruction. As Morris continues to hunt them down, the lighthearted romance between Markus and Crystal blossoms – much to the dismay of her father Treb – and the two discover that love could actually be more powerful than any magic ever foretold. LEGACY OF DRAGONWAND BOOK II will be out on

October 31st 2016.