Money Makes Me Crazy

by J Alexander Martin and Ted McLyman


Published by LC3 Media. 

FUBU co-founder and entrepreneur J. Alexander Martin shares his compelling story about how he helped build a neighborhood business into a billion-dollar international brand. Teaming with behavioral finance expert and author Ted McLyman, they present an easy to understand and useful road map for success and financial security. J uses his inspirational story as the backdrop to explain why financial success is about discovering your Money Values and Money Temperament. This book offers an enlightening account of how our human nature conspires against us when we make money choices. This is a revolutionary approach to financial success and a must read for everyone who must decide how to spend their hard earned money.

This is an important book. I recommend you buy three copies. The first, you must read and highlight with notes. Keep this copy on your desk as a reference. Send the second copy to your financial advisor. And give the last copy to someone you care about. I guarantee they will thank you.” – Daymond John – Co-Founder of FUBU

Ted McLyman has been the behavioral finance expert to turn to in the financial services industry since I wrote Paychecks and Playchecks back in 2011. Ted has consolidated his innovative thinking into this book by teaming up with J. Alexander Martin, another entrepreneurial stalwart. Together, these two have provided a positive perspective, definitive outlook and devised a clear plan about managing a discouraging subject – Money.”  – Tom Hegna – Finance Expert and Author


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