Mike Clemons: My Life In Story

by Mike Clemons and Braxton A. Cosby

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Some people look at me now and don’t recognize the smaller, more healthy version of Mike Clemons.  Others look REALLY hard as if trying to make sure that I really am “Big Mike” Clemons, the overweight drummer who’s toured with Usher, Israel & New Breed and others! But regardless of the initial looks, the next question is either, “How’d you lose all that weight?” or “Are you sick?”  While my journey towards a healthier version of me came from the disciplined exercising and making healthier food choices, truth be told, the catalyst for this journey is that I really was sick, but just didn’t know it! I learned how take care of me, and now I’m sharing my journey with the entire world.

My life is changed forever and I am happy about it, so remember, the longer you wait to lose weight, the longer your new life is on hold…YOU CAN DO THIS!

The “My Life In Story Series” is a fictional prose on real-life events that puts a unique spin on traditional autobiographies. Created by and Co-authored by Braxton A. Cosby, the MLIS Series allows readers to connect with their favorite celebrity and relive moments of their past through a first person perspective that is surreal.


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