Matt Mercury: Plot of The Galactic Mastermind

by Bill Hughes and Braxton Cosby

Matt Mercury front cover

Captain Matt Mercury, a dedicated and decorated Rocket Ranger, plays by the rules. But sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. While responding to a distress call on an alien planet, Captain Mercury and his crew pick up unexpected cargo–Lord Vulcro, the engineer responsible for building a machine with the capability to “kidnap” Earth.

And, as Mercury obeys an order to meet with another crew in between missions, he confirms that Earth has been stolen by the nefarious Professor Brainwave, an emissary of the Galactic Mastermind. While Mercury and his loyal crew of genetic misfits race across the galaxy to save Earth from becoming part of a stolen planet collection–or worse: destroyed–they receive help from the captain’s former flame, along with other colorful characters.

But will the aid they receive be enough to save the world? Or will Mercury’s hypothetical rule book get in the way?


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