Majesties of Canaan: The Goliath Project

by Chayil Champion

Book 2 of The Dark Spores Series

2035. It’s the dawn of a new era where power-hungry war generals are forming a New World Order. The nation of Israel comes under attack by evil Tanwar Terah, a Syrian mastermind in science and politics. Through Terah, five countries are united in order to form The Caste Republic. Under his rule, The Caste Republic uses neoteric technology to create new weapons, genetically altered beasts, and human giants to put fear into the hearts of humanity. But seven soldiers, led by Jewish-Italian Lieutenant Peter Carmoni, are released among several military sleeper teams to locate Terah and destroy his campaign before it is too late. In their journey to find the evil dictator, they are detoured and find themselves taking cover in a peculiar cave where they are introduced to Oramite, an element that changes their DNA and renders them with new powers and abilities. Now, it is up to them to learn how to hone their new talents and use it against their enemies in the biggest war the world has ever seen…or all will be lost.

MOC final Cover

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