Majesties of Canaan: Secret of the Oramite

by Chayil Champion

Book 4 of The Dark Spores Series

The Dark Spores series continues with the second installment of the Majesties of Canaan story-line picking up right where it left off.
With the seven super soldiers split up and on separate missions across the globe, Rekluse, Aganathin, Tenan and Kasitia discover new, surprising facts about a peculiar man with mighty abilities who possesses an Oramite suit. This same mysterious and ancient element that gave Majesties of Canaan their powers and unique abilities has now made him virtually unstoppable. Now, with his new supernatural gifts and the Caste Republic growing stronger, he unleashes his evil plans to vanquish all Super-Normals who oppose him and control the entire planet. Our heroes find themselves on the short end of a brewing war that threatens to banish the entire world to slavery.

“…the plot moves at a breakneck pace. There is an enormous amount of action, and the writing is descriptive enough to get an idea of what the characters and settings look like…a unique superhero story, and I give it 3 out of 4 stars for its originality….suited to younger readers who enjoy fast-paced stories with plenty of action.” – Tammoy O of the  Online Book Club

“…a fresh take on the usual superhero story here; both the project’s Middle East setting (the idea of the Americas being in ruins in 2035 doesn’t feel all that farfetched at the moment) and this tale of global genocide and racial strife feels modern and thematically relevant.” – Book Pipeline


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