Menzuo 2: Legend of The Blue Diamond

by Keshawn Dodds

Book 1 of The Dark Spores Series

When young Jammal (a.k.a. Prince Menzuo) found out that he was adopted…and from another planet, his true destiny as the new Universal Protector was revealed. After saving the Earth from one very dangerous Pirate Warrior named Morbid,  Menzuo is ready to continue his preparation to become the true Universal Protector. As he trains with Solar by his side, under Master Renzfly’s watchful eye, a mysterious messenger from the outer realm interrupts his progress and begs for the prince’s help to save planet Bralose. Confident in his training and powers, Menzuo is surprised to find that he’s not prepared to battle Hydrosion—the one holding planet Bralose captive. Just when the prince believes all is lost, the Solar Warriors lend a hand just in the nick of time. If he is to defeat the evil Hydration, Menzuo learns he will have to embark on a journey to find the legendary Blue Diamond—a feat no one has yet done successfully. It’s a race against all odds as the Universal Protector and his friends discover what they need to defeat the enemy before it’s too late.


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