Lauren Barnett: Music Artist, Songwriter


Lauren Barnett’s has been in the recording business since age 15 and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, to include, Pebbles, Diane Warren, Tricky Stewart, SoulShock and Karlin, R. Kelly, Raphael Brown, and Toni Rich. Lauren has taken these experiences and has developed into a singer/songwriter in her own right who’s not afraid to pour it out on stage to tell her own story.  This beam of energy has desired to show a craft all her own and as executive producer on her independent project called, Masterpiece, she has done just that. Lauren has made a work of art that showcases her vocal talents as well as her songwriting skills. With comparisons to Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Beyonce, Lauren is sure to become a fan favorite. Masterpiece was originally produced as collaboration between Barnson Entertainment & LC3 MEDIA. But the project was held due to marketing constraints; however it is being re-released as a part of the LC3 MEDIA merger into Cosby Media Productions. MASTERPIECE is available online everywhere and a retail release is being planned for early 2015.

Check out some of Lauren’s music below: