Author Kristian Aleixo

Author and professional race car driver Kristian Aleixo has completed his first book and it is a good one! THE OUTSIDE GROOVE is book three of the biographical My Life In Story series, co-penned by award-wining author Braxton A. Cosby. Kristian lived the typical life of any young boy who dreamed to one day make it to the big leagues. For Kristian, the occupational hazard of racing brought more near death experiences than his tour of Iraq. But despite the many hardships and challenges he endured to make it to the top, Kristian never fainted or shied away from the thrill of strapping himself to the wheel of a hot-rod, laced with the expectation of taking home the checkered flag. His vision of success parallels that of great racers before him, who no doubt ground out the same pattern of success and failures on their way to the top. The Outside Groove is the autobiographical story that details Kristian’s life from the bowels of LeHigh Valley General, where a near death accident almost claimed his life, to the war torn cities of the middle-east. THE OUTSIDE GROOVE will be available May 11th, 2017.