Kissing Frogs In Search of Prince Charming

by Lauren Galley

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Dating can be a drag and navigating the dangerous waters of relationship building can lead you on a journey to teenage catastrophe. How can a girl successfully make it through unscathed? Well, super teenage mentor Lauren Galley has the solution. Kissing Frogs: In Search of Prince Charming is the follow up to her #1 Amazon Bestseller smash debut Steps to Success An Empowerment Guide Girls Above Society, where Lauren gives you the tips and advice you need to help you safely land on the other side and find happiness.

Within in these twelve chapters, Lauren shares her experience in the ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys of what the average girl experiences in the game of dating and stresses the importance of loving and being yourself; letting people know the real you so that you’ll never have to live up to the expectations of someone you’re not. She outlines the quality traits that mark the difference between frogs and princes and puts you in the best position to achieve dating euphoria.


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