Free Dive Cover front amazon bestseller

C. F. Wallers Sci-fi smash FREE DIVE scores a 5/5 star rating from online review powerhouse Readers’ Favorite. Waller’s book has already garnered praise from fans, as he has claimed a #1 Amazon Ranking, while his audiobook continues to be top rated on Amazon for Sea adventures. Bu Waller’s book has now earned the attention of Readers’ Favorite. This score will qualify FREE DIVE for entry into the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, with judging to be held later this year.  Jack Magnus hails:

“C.F. Waller’s science fiction thriller, Free Dive, is fast-paced,
well-plotted and exciting…Free Dive is a thinking man’s thriller that combines
science, maritime exploration and adventure…easily one of the best
science-based adventure thrillers I’ve read in some time and it’s most highly

Magnus also likens it to Clive Cussler’s early Dirk Pitt stories. Follow the link below for the complete review: