Stephen Baldwin

Braxton A. Cosby agrees to terms in partnership with FathHead Films to play a role in the “Currently In Development” sitcom for television Rock and A Hard Place.

Press Release Excerpt:

Adding to the already star studded cast including famed actor Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, Celebrity Apprentice), and four-time Grammy Award winner John Schlitt (lead singer, Petra, formerly of Head East), Rock And A Hard Place TV announced Sunday via Facebook that they have added Braxton Cosby, of Cosby Media Productions, to the cast as the Worship Leader for Solid Rock Church, the church headed by Pastor Darren Keaton (Stephen Baldwin) in the series.

In this quirky sitcom recently widowed Pastor Darren Keaton (Stephen Baldwin) is struggling to raise his young biracial daughter (Berkeley Clayborne) alongside his adversarial live-in African-American Mother-In-Law when he inherits Hard Knocks Bar and Grill from a close friend and parishioner. Will his already dwindling congregation at Solid Rock Church support him in honoring his dear friends final request:  that he take over as owner and operator of Hard Knocks?

The series is most often described as faith friendly, and it is, but the team is quick to point out that the best way to describe the content would have to be as wholesome, and family friendly.  It is with this in mind that the Production Team has turned to Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, to fund the startup of this series.  With stars like Stephen Baldwin, John Schlitt, and Braxton Cosby attached the natural course of action would be to turn to a network to fund the pilot episode; but the Producers fear attaching so quickly to a network will impede their ability to shape the content and keep the message intact.

As mentioned above, this project still needs funding help to make it a reality. Please go the following link: KICKSTARTERRAAHPTV and read up more on this great project. If you like what you see, please consider pledging any amount to help out.